Steve Blanchard, founder of "Spirit Invasion Ministries" has transitioned the ministry base to the wonderful city of Houston, Texas! It is in Houston that Steve and his team launched a fresh, new, and vibrant church plant entitled: "Four Winds International Church" in 2008. Four Winds International Church is marked with radiant diversities and distinctions. Each individual contributing to the overall "Kaleidoscope" reflecting the Kingdom of God!"

"Four Winds International Church is a rich resource in "Missions" across the earth. Already established relationships and centers in India, Central America, China, Hong Kong, and nation of Africa are just a few of the "Apostolic Houses" that are joining together for His Glory fulfilling the Vision of a "Glocal" community!"

Steve's itinerary in 2012 will be primarily focused on the "ground-breaking" formation of another church plant called "The Wrecking Yard" committed to calling the Body of Christ to the "Deeper Lfe", Pastor Steve and "Four Winds International Church" will once again launch out into the Deep and ask God for a "catch" of souls. Yet, furthermore, Pastor Steve has scheduled in 2012 ministry invasions in the United States as well as China, Central America, Mexico and Canada to name a few. If you are interested in co-laboring with Pastor Steve and the ministry, please share your desire via e-mail, letter or phone and the ministry will contact you with further information.

May- Pastor Steve will be in Victoria, Canada speaking at a 4 day conference entitled "Preparing the Way" contact information to follow.

November- Pastor Steve and a team of 30 just returned from an international ministry trip to Israel. Accompanied by the well known ministry of David and Nancy Ravenhill and others, this trip was truly a "once in a lifetime" experience. All who attended where touched and moved by the "Word becoming Flesh". The sites, revelatory teaching, and fellowship will never be forgotten.

April- Pastor Steve and a team from the Northwest just returned from a staggering and stunning display of God's Grace in the continent of Africa, specifically Nairobi, Kenya. A week long crusade that continued to grow and mount momentum creating what many locals called a "Spiritual Tsunami" destroying the bands and bonds of Satan and releasing a flood of God's grace and mercy! Hundreds came to know & accept the saving power and life of Jesus Christ and many others where healed.

Three out of five people living in Kenya suffer from aids and the average life span of all residents is only 45 years of age. "We were able to purchase bibles for most and released monetary resources to ministries there. These resources will be used to help purchase basic necessities for the poor and also to aid in the freedom of so many women and young children from having to prostitute to earn enough to live on and survive!" Most live without work or hope of any change. If God touches your heart and you want to help with the needs here in Africa, simply donate at the website or call us and we will verify every dollar spent.

If you are interested in going to the nations or your communities contact Pastor Steve at Four Winds International Church and we will begin the exciting process of fulfilling the Great Commission!